Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011


i'm not good enough to talk about love, but i just wanted you to know, I used to love someone like no one else.

He's my spirit, my life and yes, he is everything to me. But then I realized, it is not under my control. Allah decides it all, we have been separated for 7 months.

I still love him until now. I cannot lie to what I feel. This is all about how i feel towards him. and I know there's no point waiting for him, because we both know, impossible for us to start it over again

to those who have been hurt, just continue with your life. Think that everything happen for a reason. Maybe there's someone better than him/her.

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nur fm berkata... suke bca blog akak sbb nie la..yg hjung2 ade kata2 smgt..hehe
bagus2..truskn usaha anda

Wanie Affandi berkata...

pandai ko update sal love apabila aku teringin untuk berbicara sal love..hahahahah..

cerah cerah berkata...


FarAH berkata...

adik fatin :hahaha, terima kasihhhh :)

wanie : LOL..sometimes,tiba2 rasa nak berjiwang :)

cerah:alohhh ! sekali sekaloo jah nyoooooooo !!:P