Isnin, 25 Mac 2013

For you

Dear you,

When I woke up this morning, i feel so glad because you are still mine. You still own my heart and keep it safe in there.

Dear you,

You treat me like a woman who never had her love before. U treat me so nicely because you said im gonna be your kid's mother.

Dear you,

I've never felt love like this. I appreciate everything that you did, especially your love. Yes, of course. I can see the way u treat me, willing to do anything.

Dear you,

Im just nothing, a woman with hopeless dream but u came gave a new spirit. U completed me, half of me. There's nothing I could say anymore because words cant describe how much my heart loves you.

Dear you,

Keep being with me, cause i want to hear that one day ur gonna call me a wifey. ILOVEYOU.

Ahad, 17 Mac 2013

Forever 21.


Tanggal 12 Mac 2013 genap 21 tahun aku bernafas di dunia ini. So sekarang aku berada di fasa 20. Lenyap zaman remaja. Muncul zaman perempuan dewasa. 

Tiada gedik, tiada manja. Independent mungkin? Forget it, masih membiasakan diri. 

Last week, on Friday sharp 6 p.m got a call from NH. He asked me to wait for him in front of 7E after office hours. And yes he did surprised and tiba-tiba nmpak kereta perdana dia. I feels like screaming there okay!

And i was so freaking happy and after masuk dlm keta i just couldn't stop looking at him. Tak sangka willing datang dari kedah just to make me happy.

And the best part, kelas dia banyak cancelled and he decided to stay Damansara till selasa which is that day was my birthday. 

Hari sabtu confirm kami  keluar dating tapi ditemani girlfriend (his bestfriend since standard 1)  no.2 NH which is S. We went to Setia City Mall. Never been there before and the mall was okay sbb tak ramai orang sangat. 

And and and, got a birthday gift in advance from him. Thank you sayang. Everything u buat, i do appreciate it. Thank you for coming and thank you for a lovely handbag, Alhamdullilah :')