Isnin, 24 September 2012

You were born to love me :)

Assalamualaikum pembuka kata:)

Well, hari ini NH's birthday, but too bad i didn't get a chance to celebrate with him.  A bit sad but its okay, last weekend we went out and spent a good time together.

First of all, i would like to wish Happy 20th Birthday to My Beloved NH. May God Bless you always. May u success in your life and may you achieve dreams in your life. Last but not least may u always be a better person. Iloveyou and always :)

Ok, last week we were having a trouble. Normal la kan, kalo gado2. And on saturday we went out with my friends to kbmall to have a lunch. And that time we were not so okay. Tapi boleh lagi  la communicate. I missed him and im sure he missed me too :D.

And kitaorang semua makan kat noodle station. I dgn dia memang suka makan kat situ. Senang cerita, it is our fav place. After makan semua, i ajak dia jalan2 sebab nak beli dia present. Hehe. He keep on saying, "I x nak paper pun, aslkan ada you". Aii, orang nak bagi amik jela:P

I ternampak satu kasut ni, and i like it so much, sgt sesuai dengan dia but too bad dh habis size. Sayang betul. Itulah. dia kecik sangat-_- Last2, i belikan dia sweater Giordano since it was the last choice that i had. KBM x de choice sangat and plus i tak tau nak bagi dia apa. Am glad he like that sweater so much.

And after that kitaorang dh nk gerak balik but dia suruh my friends and i pergi kt keta dulu. I terasa sangat pelik but dia keep on paksa me pegi kt keta dulu then i mengalah. Tapi my friends wanna buy yogurts ice-cream yang macam TF then we stop there.

All of sudden, dari jauh i nampak dia holding benda, then i boleh agak. It was a cake ! I was so surprised. I feel like crying there tapi i terpaksa cover depan my friends. Hehe.

I tanya  dia kenapa bg i cake then he said he just wanna make me happy since dia jarang tgk i senyum lately. Plus he wanna sorry for everything that he have done towards me. Hehe. Cair mak nokk.

Thank you so much dear NH. It was supposed me yang bagi cake but its okay just wait for the surprise.

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