Jumaat, 13 Januari 2012

its five.


Hey, its 2.45 a.m. now but still i couldn't close my eyes. Currently sitting on my bed while i'm trying to post something here. It has been a while since my last post kan?

Well, i would like to say NH and me have been together for five months. A lot of things we have been through and we're hoping that this relationship will long last. Amin

Second. I think im not doing good in this semester. Kinda playing a lot. Or may i say, i sleep a lot? well, i have to say yes. I might be cried if my pointer drop drastically. Like seriously.

And final is just around the corner. I mean getting nearer. In the month of March i think. Haih, yeah im totally scared to death. Im not so ready to face this so called final. Wei, siapa yang ready unless dia redha ! :(

by hook or by crook, i need to stop PLAYING AROUND!

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