Jumaat, 20 Januari 2012


i would like to talk about hope. Hope is important in relationship but please, do not put too much hopes. At the end, you will suffer because of what you are hoping for didn't went well.

Trust me, i used to feel it once and yes it was so freaking hurt when someone you love left u without saying any words.

Tell the truth, it was so hard to survive at first. But i keep on telling myself this is not the end of the world. Maybe Allah knows what is the best for me. And yes, Alhamdullilah i could smile after a year.

And starting from that day i learn how to love someone in a right way. The most important is our intention. Again Alhamdullilah, i met someone that can guide me. And we talked about marriage. Naahhh, it just a random talk.

But in our hearts only god knows how much we hope that thing will be happen. And the best weapon in our daily life is DOA. Insyaalah if we keep on praying, it will help us to get what we wants in this life. And the rest let Allah do His part. Again i repeat, He knows what is the best for everyone:')

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