Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

Tiring day


So as you know, i have finished my studies in Dip. in Office Management and Technology. Due to that, i need to make clearance in Kampus to certify that i have completed my studies.

There are two things happened on the same day which is the first one, i went to the interview at Medi Q Resources. It was unexpected that i was chosen for the interview. I went there without preparing anything.

As for result, it was unsatisfied. But the interviewers were so great. They show that they are interested towards candidates. I enjoyed the interview so much.

 Even I didn't get the job but at least i have the experience how to face the interviewers.  How to answer the questions well. Interview must be in English. For your information, there will be a test for candidates to see how well they can speak in English.

And the second thing is i went to Terengganu with NH and my nephew ! It was unplanned. I pergi sana pn sebab nak settle pasal clearance and nak dapatkan mini transcript result. I was so happy because i got the chance to go there again and there are many changes in campus. Hewhew, Makin cantikk lah. x dpt nk merasa.

Right after settled clearance, we went to Uncle Chua. Tempat date i dgn NH. He said, pergi makan sana untuk menggamit memori. So funny. Since hari dh petang, we went back to Kelantan early. Tak nak sampai lewat sanagat.

 I was so lucky because he was there for me tolong jadi driver tak bertauliah untuk sayaaa. Thank you sayang.

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