Ahad, 8 Julai 2012

Love letter

Dear love,

Before i start write something sweet like candy, i want u to know that I, me and myself loves u very much. Allah gave u to me as a present.

Love, im so glad you were here with me, stand beside me, always gave me a spirit just to make sure im always on the top. You did it love. Alhamdullilah.

Love, i know im such an annoying girlfriend in the world, i gave you troubles. Yet you still did not go away even one step. Yes, i could see your love. You right here being with me.

U know what, there is something that makes me proud of you. Your patience. You have patience in facing my behavior. Im a grumpy person, yeah im sure you know how 'singa' i am right? Thank you love :')

Love, last words for you, no matter how grumpy i am, no matter how bad i am. I'm going to love you till jannah. Let our love grow each day and May Allah bless our relationship. Amin :')

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